Thank you to everyone who was a part of the Compassion Conference.

Conference Video Highlights

Videos coming soon including Fr. Boyle's keynote address!

What I Will Do
To Make a Difference?

"Smile more" "Be less judgmental"

"To show myself more compassion and love"

"Volunteer with a homeless shelter"

"Share the teachings of meditation and intentional living in my community of educators"

"Get to know people who are different from me"

These are examples of commitments that were made at the conference.

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2014 Community in Compassion Conference
& Youth Leadership Summit

Awakening the Heart of Compassion

Join us on Sunday, October 19, 2014 for an exciting and dynamic gathering that will inspire, educate and offer a vision of the compassionate world that we all want to live in. We will discover how we can each participate in creating that world.  

Conference Includes:

  • Inspiration from Community Leaders
  • Interactive Workshops and Panels
  • Youth Leadership Summit (High School Age)
  • Community Dialog
  • Community Lunch provided by Jain Center of Northern California and San Jose Sikh Gurdwara

Conference Location:

Addison-Penzak Jewish Community Center, Levy Family Campus
14855 Oka Road
Los Gatos, CA 95032

Registration opens at 9am with reception / Opening plenary begins at 10am
Youth Leadership Summit 9am-4pm

$30 adults and $15 students

To realize the vision of a compassionate, nonviolent world, we begin in our own community by preparing ourselves for peace.  We educate ourselves, discover tools necessary for building a culture of compassion and nonviolence, and commit to simple and profound acts that support a better world for all.

Scroll down to see more information about the day. 

Masters of Ceremonies

Damian Trujillo: Since 1996, Damian Trujillo has been a NBC Bay Area News reporter, host and producer of "Comunidad Del Valle,"the longest running public affairs program in the Bay Area. He has been honored with many awards and Emmy nominations, including being named "2004 Reporter of the Year" by the Associated Press Television and Radio Association for California and Nevada.

Judge LaDoris Cordell: Graduate of Stanford Law School, Judge Cordell was elected to the Superior Court of Santa Clara County in 1988, making her the first African-American sit on a northern California Superior Court, now retired. She is also a retired Vice Provost for Campus Relations at Stanford University and State Court Judge, Santa Clara County. In April 2010, she began her current service as the Independent Police Auditor for the City of San Jose.

2014 CTV Conference Keynote Speaker

 Fr. Greg Boyle, S.J. 

Fr. Greg Boyle is the founder of Homeboy Industries which is now the largest gang intervention, re-hab and re-entry program in the United States.
Father Greg is the author of the New York Times Bestselling book, “Tattoos on the Heart: The Power of Boundless Compassion.” His debut book has been honored by SCIBA (Southern California Indie Booksellers Association), Pen USA, Publishers Weekly, and Goodreads Choice Awards. He has received numerous honorary degrees, awards and recognitions including the Civic Medal of Honor, the California Peace Prize, Humanitarian of the Year from Bon Appetit Magazine, and in 2011 was inducted into the California Hall of Fame. He has served on the State Commission for Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention, The National Youth Gang Center Board and the Attorney General’s Defending Childhood Task Force.

Homeboy Industries is now the largest gang intervention, rehab and re-entry program in the world. 15,000 folks a year enter their doors seeking transformation.  Homeboy Industries is not for those who need help, only for those who want it. They just don't provide wrap-around services, but they are a wrap-around community.  Community trumps gang.  Only the light of a community of tenderness can illumine the dark, empty corners of one's shallow gang past.  Homeboy Industries does not wag its finger at the gang member.  It helps the gang member put his/her finger on it.

Above all, Homeboy Industries announces a message: what if we were to invest in people rather than to seek to futilely incarcerate our way out of a complex social dilemma?

To that end Homeboy Industries imagines a widening circle of compassion, then imagines no one standing outside of that circle.  It announces the birth of a new inclusion.  It stands with the that the demonizing stops.  It stands with the that the day will come when we can stop throwing people away.
(Taken from a recent blog post that Fr. Greg wrote for the White House Champions of Change Blog.)

Watch this TED talk of Fr. Boyle speaking about Compassion and Kinship.

Workshops and Panels

Simple and Profound: What the Golden Rule Can Offer Today

What if we took the Golden Rule seriously? What if it became a meeting place where we could both honor our diversity and find real common ground to heal our communities and our world? Many religious and spiritual traditions have a version of it in their scriptures. Join us for a conversation to discuss how we can bring to life the compassion at the heart of this simple but profound rule for living together in peace and harmony. Consider taking this conversation back to your community and what might become possible when you do.

  • Yogacharya Ellen Grace O'Brian, Founder of Carry the Vision and the Center for Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Rabbi Sheldon Lewis, author of The Torah of Reconciliation
  • Samina Sundas, Founder of American Muslim Voice
  • Rev. Jeff Moore, President, Silicon Valley-San Jose NAACP
  • Samir Kalra, Esq., Director and Senior Human Rights Fellow at the Hindu American Foundation - Moderator

Yogacharya Ellen O'BrianRabbi Sheldon Lewis Samina Sundas

Rev. Jeff MooreSamir Kalra 





Everyone Thrives: How We Can Enhance Community Wellbeing

Enhancing the wellbeing for youth, families, and the community-at-large involves key components that promote safety, positive development of families and children, and supporting those who serve in high stress sectors of our community. Join us for a conversation focused on preserving connections, enhancing family capacity, and offering services that work, are essential to creating communities that thrive.

  • Delorme McKee-Stovall, Manager, Office of Human Relations - Moderator
  • Andrea Flores-Shelton, Santa Clara County Public Health Violence Prevention Program Coordinator
  • Mary Lynn Fitton, Founder, The Art of Yoga Project 
  • Sundari Jensen, Restore! Life Skills Program
  • Rama Dharmarajan, Maitri

Delorme Mckee-Stovall

Andrea Flores-SheltonMary Lynn Fitton

Sundari JensenRama Dharmarajan



The Heart of Sustainability: Nonviolence and the Climate

Some predict that it will be climate crisis that ultimately brings us all together. Let us come together now to explore what we can do to foster a healthy environment. Through education, innovation, and the willingness to change, we can all participate in healing the earth and assuring a vital, sustainable environment for future generations. This panel will offer inspirations on how environmental sustainability is being supported in various sectors of our community.

  • Diane Fisher, Community Relations Council Director, Jewish Federation of Silicon Valley - Moderator
  • Hilary Nixon, Associate Professor in the Department of Urban and Regional Planning at San Jose State University
  • Raul Lozano, Executive Director, Valley Verde
  • Rev. Will Scott, California Interfaith Power and Light
  •  Ted Smith, Sustainable San Jose 3D 

Diane Fisher

Hilary Nixon

Raul LozanoRev. Will ScottTed Smith 


Leading with Compassion in the Workplace

Have you ever wondered if compassion and business are compatible? Can we nurture a sense of purpose, of connection, and of compassion in the office? This workshop will explore how each of us can make a shift to be more empathetic and caring and learn basic tools for staying in a "compassionate state of being".

  • Chris Block, CEO American Leadership Forum
    Chris Block

Nonviolence and the Brain

As the organ for the mind, the brain devotes pathways as well as actual neurons to the various skills we learn and even the very thoughts we think. Emotions such as compassion can actually be cultivated and science now confirms that. Over time the brain can build stronger connections to support and express these attributes. In this workshop we will explore how various meditation and compassion practices can make positive changes in our brain physiology.

  • Marty Wuttke, The Wuttke Institute
    Marty Wuttke

Learn to Meditate and Cultivate Compassion

The enduring foundation of world peace is inner peace. Meditation is a simple and natural practice for establishing inner peace and cultivating compassion. As peace blossoms within our own heart, mind and body, it begins to manifest in our global community. In this workshop you will learn and practice simple meditation techniques for stress reduction and inner peace.

  • Vickie Martin, Center for Spiritual Enlightenment
    Vickie Martin

Being the Change: Teaching Nonviolence 

How can we turn the tide of escalating violence in our schools? Nonviolence education is a powerful and essential tool for creating a positive learning environment. No amount of textbook information can replace the need for real life skills that support our children to meet the challenges they face in life. This workshop will give participants the opportunity to learn more about curricula and strategies for teaching nonviolence in the classroom.

  • Christian Bracho, Ahimsa Center, Cal Poly Pomona
    Christian Bracho

Afternoon Session

Catching Fire: Compassion in Action

When we look at individuals whose lives are ablaze with compassion, we can often discern a life-changing moment that moved them into action. Whether it is Gandhiji being thrown from the train, or a moment any one of us has of simply seeing the inequities in our society and our world as violent, and deciding we will do what we can to make a difference—that is a moment of catching fire. The afternoon plenary includes three speakers who will ignite our hearts and minds with the inspiration to step into compassionate action. We’ll learn what motivated them and what happened when they took the fire of their inspiration into action. Their stories will set the stage for us to take a look at what catching the fire of compassionate action means in our lives.

  • Sophie Harrison, Fossil Free Stanford
  • Jon Ramer, Compassionate Action Network International
  • Sejal Hathi, girltank

Sophie Harrison

Jon RamerSejal Hathi 





Community in Compassion Dialog: The Power of Commitment

Helen SpectorThe afternoon session of the conference will include an introduction to, and exercise in, community dialog. The dialog will be led by Helen Spector who served as a trustee for the Council of the World's Religions for 21 years. She helped to plan Parliaments in Chicago, Cape Town, Barcelona and Cape Town. She led the dialog process design for the 2004 International Leaders' Assembly.

We are inspired to offer this opportunity, because we believe that anyone can exercise effective leadership when they feel deeply about an issue and take initiative. We believe that the power for making change comes from the motivations people feel when they can see the human impact of an issue, and that people already have a source of wisdom or deepest source of values that inspires or compels them to act. And we believe that while one individual can make significant local change, acting in community has an even greater power for sustaining broad-based change over time.


Youth Leadership Summit

Cultivating Empathy - Creating Community

Have you ever wondered what it will take to build a truly harmonious community that is sustainable? Have you considered what is possible in Silicon Valley, where imagination is one of our greatest resources? Carry the Vision invites high school age students to imagine how they can be empowered to become compassionate leaders in their community.

CTV’s Youth Leadership Summit will engage high school students in experiential activities that re-awaken the values of empathy, commitment, responsibility, and creativity.  By instilling the skills of personal contemplation, encouraging acts of kindness, and modeling a community of acceptance and understanding our youth can thrive and create a sustainable future for our world. Can you imagine the potential before us?
Register now
for this inspiring event!
Youth tickets are $15 / Adults $30 / 9:00am to 4pm.

Youth Summit Facilitators
Amanda Freeman LeBlanc is the Education Director at Silicon Valley FACES since 2011. Amanda has over 18 years of experience in the nonprofit sector and is a lifelong activist for children, women, LGBT community, and individuals dealing with mental illness. Her passion is advocacy and prevention and uses her knowledge, vast experience, and skills to engage students, teachers, and professionals in creating a community free of bias and bigotry.

Larry Lauro is a retired counselor from Bellarmine College Preparatory and has been involved in youth education for over forty years. In addition to teaching, Larry has worked to involve Jesuit high school and college students in working with the poor in their local communities and throughout Latin America. Larry believes that “it is through relationship with the poor and marginalized that we grow our capacity for compassion and become more peaceful, more just, and more loving.” Larry is also a CTV board member.

About Silicon Valley FACES
SVFACES has been serving Silicon Valley for over 45 years.  Their mission is to build a community free of bias, bigotry and violence by:transforming youth into community builders and empowering victims of crime to thrive. Their Camp Everytown program actively engages high school student delegates, educators, and community members to break down barriers of race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, religion and other sources of division.

Langar and Sadharmik Vatsalya (Lunch)

Lunch will be provided as a spiritual offering by the San Jose Sikh Gurdwara and the Jain Center of Northern California. The collaboration of these two faith organizations is an example of what is possible when we bring our resources together to bring harmony to our community.

Both of these faith communities have a hundreds of years long spiritual tradition of giving food to anyone of any caste, creed, race or gender.  This practice is offered in the spirit of compassion, service and the will to give away something in the cause of equality and humanity.



Rob Owen
If you ask Rob where he gets his musical inspiration from – things become much more personal. His notes his grandfather’s musical legacy, the love of his family, and the joys of simply being alive are the things that stir his muses. Rob’s lyrical content dances between experience and reflection – but remain steadfastly grounded in love, sorrow, transformation, and joy. Over the past fifteen years Rob has been able to take his creative collision of his influences and inspirations and synthesize them into musical arrangements. This ability garnered Owen interest from national magazines, newspapers, independent record labels, music supervisors, as well as radio and television program directors. To learn more about Rob go to


NEW~ Shane and Ashley Ownby

Newlyweds Shane and Ashley Rae Ownby are currently working on their first project together in the legendary Cash Cabin Studio. Gifted with a fresh, raw, and soulful sound, the two truly have something "New" to offer music.
New's debut EP "songs about You" is a collection of songs about Shane & Ashley's personal relationships, trials, failures, and triumphs.  Produced by Grammy Award winners John Carter Cash and Chuck Turner, the cd is set to release this spring. Packed with an all-star cast of musicians, John Carter Cash said this was the most heartfelt band he has ever put together.